Enkay Electricals Private Limited

M/s Enkay Electricals Private Limited is a company which was established by a visionary technocrat Mr. N.K. Aggarwal in the year 1996 mainly to cater the needs of the Customers / Clients to construct and setup proper Power/lighting installations for their establishments. These establishments are of varied nature such as Residential and Commercial Complexes, Institutional Buildings, IT based establishments such as Software Development Centers, Call Centers, BPO Companies, Corporate offices, Steel and Aluminum Producing Industries, Star Hotels and Resorts, Financial and Banking establishments etc.

Mr. N. K. Aggarwal is a pioneer, enterprising and a visionary professional of this company which now has blossomed in to a company fully capable of providing complete solution to any kind of electrical engineering problem whether belonging to an already running and functional establishment or to an altogether a new establishment of any kind. Mr. N.K. Aggarwal himself had served in some of the very reputed Contracting and Construction Company in the various senior capacities and he is the one, who can perfectly feel, gauge and appreciate the precise Power requirement of the various clients. He is always ready to come out with the solution, to assist our valued customers in the shortest ever-possible duration.

Over the last 12 years he has built in a team of very efficient, energetic and enthusiastic engineers and other techno-commercial personnel in various levels, other supporting staff members in the areas of Secretarial, Finance / Accounting, Audit, Purchases, Stores / Inventories, Human Resources and all other related aspects which normally are a Must and essential elements in the culture of the company by which it can be run and managed as an efficient Construction company. The company's name itself is derived from the initials of Mr. N. K. Aggarwal and over the last 18 years the company's managerial and other supporting staff has also tried their best, collectively, to inculcate and imbibe the qualities and human values which are so much dear to Mr. N.K. Aggarwal.

This company has all the full-fledged and integrated departments / sections such as tendering and estimation, Purchases / Procurement of materials, design and development of Shopfloor Drawings for Construction, As built drawings (for the completed installations), Billing and measurement checking Section, Stores / Inventories of the materials, Accounts / Audit, Safety and Security, Revenue / Billing realization etc. Each team is headed by a Senior Manager / Manager and these Managers report for all day-to-day functions to their Seniors / Superiors as per the Company's Organization structure. Beside of these teams, our Directors / Executive Director / General Manager, all keep and maintain a close, very congenial and harmonious relationship with all our esteemed Clients whose jobs are in progress and also with the Clients, whose jobs have already been executed in the recent past and handed over to them, with the view to assist them in maintaining their Properties / Infrastructure fully functional, efficient and 100% Operative from the engineering point of view. Majority of our customers do appreciate this assistance and earnestness. This appreciation, very often gets translated in the form of either the repeat jobs from them, if they are planning for expansions or diversifying in other sectors.

We have indicated the names of the majority of the prominent electrical Consultants / Architects with whom we were actively associated in the past and also whom we are presently associated. In an another adjoining annexure, we have also indicated the names of few of the Major Customers / Clients, for whom we have executed their Projects.

Our tendering / estimation department goes through all the technical specifications meticulously, while preparing the estimation / costing of the tenders and also goes through the precise requirement of the Customers. We prepare our quotation very competitively and never believe in overcharging or quoting any unreasonable prices to our Customers, even when we are assured of the job because of our past associations.

When the jobs are secured, we plan quite meticulously the entire execution of the job by preparing the BAR / PERT chart in consultation with our Consultants and the valued Clients. The Site and site offices are mobilized at the earliest within the agreed time frame. Our purchase Cell also places all the relevant POS at the earliest with due commitments for the deliveries of the materials as per the site requirement so that the continuity in the installation work is not disrupted. Our Senior Coordinating Managers ensure proper monitoring of the job right from the beginning to the completion. Even after the completion of the entire installation work, we ourselves also, from our side, prepare a detailed check list for all the installations carried out by us to attend on, so that our Client takes over and receive all the installations fully free from any defects. Our final objective is to hand over to the Client all the Installations of World class level.

Our philosophy of adhering to the topmost quality standards while executing the installations and also while completing the installations within the given time frame, has enabled us to earn the appreciation and confidence of all of our Consultants / Customers. It will be our collective endeavor to live up to this confidence and the trust of our customers (past, present, and the prospective) in completing their future projects on agreed time frame with utmost top quality standards. The company strives continuously to maintain the quality standards in all the relevant areas of Contracting and electrical construction field whether it is a matter of deployment of quality materials / equipments as per the technical specifications or the methods / procedures adopted for installation of materials / equipments etc.

As and when it is felt that personnel of any level or discipline require any specialized training to sharpen their skills, such training sessions are organized and they are deputed even at the cost of losing out their services from ongoing construction sites for few days.

We try our best to keep the pace of the construction work fully in conformity with the agreed BAR / PERT chart, unless there is a hold on account of non availability of the materials / equipments, which are under Owner's scope of supplies or non availability work fronts for any other reasons. Our Quality Management System (QMS) had been subjected to various parameter tests by joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand and then only they had accredited us with ISO 9001:2000 certificates. A Xerox copy of this certification is attached in our profile.

Besides of enforcing quality measures at all our sites, the other matters, which are being pursued with equal emphasis are Safety Measures. All the workers are properly provided with all the safety gadgets / tools e.g. Safety belts (for elevated locations), Safety Goggles, Welding Screens, Hand gloves, fire extinguishers etc. as per the site requirement. We also emphasize on all safe disposal of the waste materials, which may get generated at the various construction sites. The disposal is being carried out in such a way, that it is not detrimental for healthy environment.


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