About Us

Mr. N. K. Aggarwal, started the Electrical EPC Projects 40 Years ago. He later incorporated his own company in the year 1996 in the name of Enkay Engineers.
In the year 2008 Solar EPC Company was introduced under the name of EPC Contracts India Pvt. Ltd. Which started its operations in 2016.
In 2015, Mr. N. K. Aggarwal founded the another company Enkaysolar Power and Infrastructure Private Limited with capacity of 49 MWp. As a dynamic businessman and a technocrat with a vision, from the very beginning he pursued the goal of making solarenergy available to as large a number of persons at affordable prices, thus actively contributing to a Green world.
In 2018 has started the Lithium Batteries business with the latest technology and best available machinery for the manufacturing of Battery Packs thus taking care of the Quality and need of the Market.


About Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy received at earth from the Sun. The energy is in the form of solar radiation, PV Module converts into Direct current (DC) power and further string/central inverter in to grid power. Which makes the production of solar electricity possible.


Our mission is to expand our wings in International market with our in-house manufacturing facility Solar Modules/Lithium Batteries.


Our vision is to provide renewal (Solar) energy to the last family of the world on affordable price.

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